Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Can you believe it??!!!

I had a bit of a shock the other day. I opened my Hotmail account, which I only use for certain things, such as online ordering, etc, and there was a message from T!! I had used that account to contact her in 2006, following my discovery of an email from her in K's account, so I presume I must still be in her contact list.

It was in Polish, so I ran it through an online translator and it turned out to be an invitation to be her friend on a social networking site that she's just joined (she's obviously on the lookout for her next victim!). She must have clicked to send an invitation to all her contacts without realising that it would come to me.

I must admit I went into a bit of a panic at first. K was quite dumbfounded and doubted that she would do it on purpose (we didn't know what it was all about at that time). I was going to ignore it, but once I discovered its meaning, I decided that I did not want these random emails turning up every now and again, every time she hits a button to mail all her contacts, so I emailed her a polite 'take-me-off-your-contact-list' message with an instruction that I never want to receive any communication from her again. I haven't had a reply so far.


starrlife said...

You could always label her spam or get a new email account! Holy moley! That must've been alarming! Using her child in the process- weird! Good to hear from you though! You handled it in a classy way as always.

Survived said...

Hi starr - I will block her email address, but that only puts it in the delete box, so you can still see that a mail has arrived from her, but in any case, this email came from the networking site so that would not have worked.

My next move, if the emails do continue, would be to cancel my account, but it would mean changing email addresses on numberous websites where I have membership or accounts. I really think it was done unintentionally, but I would have hoped for some confirmation that she had removed my email from her contact list. I suspect K is still on there too, but his emails will definitely bounce back, as the account was de-activated long ago.

I don't know if she is using the site as a means of finding unsuspecting men - that was just my bad side coming out!!

Surprisingly, I haven't been too affected by it. I think a few months ago I would have been in a proper spin about it.

shredding service said...

this is how it gets to you, out of the blue, something will remind you and your world feels a bit darker. You have to stay strong and focus on the positives that you have built up from where you were.
it doesnt matter if she is on the trawl again, you cannot let that effect where you are today, stronger happier and re-building your relationship.

keep strong,